2015 News

In my work as the Illustrations Editor for the History of Cartography Project, the release of Volume 6, Cartography in the Twentieth Century in the History of Cartography series in April with its 1000+ illustrations over 1900 pages proved a definite highlight with celebrations held in Chicago at AAG and here in Madison. Next for me at the Project will be to procure the images needed for the two remaining volumes, work measured in years as these books will also have over 1000+ images each among their many pages.

As the year drew to a wintery close, I looked back over a fairly productive year. I attended several conferences, including the Midwest Junto for the History of Science here in Madison, the Biennial History of Astronomy Workshop at Notre Dame, and the annual History of Science Society meeting in San Francisco where I organized a session and presented a paper.

My future plans included giving another dissertation-related talk, titled “To Any Degree” – Jesuit Medical Schools in Nineteenth-Century America, at a conference marking the bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus in 1814 to be held in October at Loyola University Chicago. My presentation involves a close look at the first three American Jesuit medical schools – St. Louis, Georgetown, and Creighton – and the way science appeared in their curriculum versus how these institutions dealt with science in their classical education offerings.