2018 News

In November I worked as a Graduate Student Research Assistant on the 30th Anniversary Committee in support of the annual Supercomputer Conference held in Dallas, Texas. As the Artifact Display Lead, I installed historical materials in multiple display cases to help mark the conference’s 30th Anniversary in an area open to the 13,000 people attending the event. Besides working in the display area with various historical items (including a Cray-1 supercomputer) and collecting remembrances, I had the chance to renew acquaintances with colleagues from the 1980s when I worked on a Cray X/MP-48 system (SN 209) at NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. Yippie-ki-yo-ki-yay!

In October I presented a ‘flash talk’ titled “What Hath God Taught – Teaching Telegraphy at Notre Dame in the 1870s” at the SHOT conference held in St. Louis, Missouri. I also took in the 10th Annual SIGCIS gathering titled Stored in Memory held on the last day of the conference.

January started off with a happy bang related to my work as the Illustrations Editor for the History of Cartography Project when the 950+ map images destined for Volume 4, Cartography in the European Enlightenment, the next volume in the History of Cartography series due to appear in 2019, went off to our publisher the University of Chicago Press.