Greetings! I am a doctoral candidate in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine program at the University of Wisconsin. Back in January 2000, I exited a busy Silicon Valley computer career, drove with all my worldly possessions over multiple mountain ranges in the middle of winter to reach Madison, and entered graduate study at UW to pursue my interest in the history of science. Like my long drive to Wisconsin, it has been a journey of persistence.

Life in Graduate School

Life in graduate school consists of an ever-changing mix of the routine and the special with the bizarre putting in an appearance from time to time. Dare I say that after more than two decades of graduate study, or more years than I spent in K-12, I have become somewhat of an expert in this way of life.

trusty coffee maker #2

The routine – to the left was the second (of my four so far) coffee makers since coming to Madison. Set with a timer to go off early each morning, note that it is already partially drained by 6:23am on a still dark Wisconsin winter morning. One of the little essentials of graduate student living where strong studies demand strong coffee, particularly when it comes to the large volume of reading associated with the study of the history of science.