I have travelled a varied career path in having been a computer systems person for over twenty years in addition to now over twenty years as a graduate student, an unlikely and unplanned mix if there ever was one. In conjunction with my being a graduate student at Wisconsin, I am the Illustrations Editor for the History of Cartography Project here at the University of Wisconsin.

My computer-related career followed the dynamic trajectories of the computer industry – from supporting an IBM 360/50 MFT/HASP batch system and PDP 11/70 RSTS/E and Unix timesharing systems in an educational setting (Cal Poly SLO) to more systems support for an IBM 370/148 MVS/Wylbur system (Arizona State) to benchmarking mainframe system workloads (National Advanced Systems) to operating system support for a Cray X/MP-48 supercomputer at NASA/Ames (ZeroOne Systems/Sterling Software) to IBM-compatible mainframe bringup (Amdahl) to software QA (Tandem) to, at the end of this phase of my career, software configuration management for a Sparc-based RAID storage subsystem (again at Amdahl).

This collage of business cards retained from my computer career best tells this story – enjoy.

collage of business cards retained from my computer career